Growing LED light OLT Black Series Full Spectrum 250W HPS Replacement With Only 95W Consumption

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• Energy efficient LED growing light for replacing 250 watt HPS. The light spectrum is optimized for a full growth cycle. Maximum desired plants spectral region with peaks at 450nm and 620nm. • Horticulture Black Series offers a broad light spectrum at 3000K and 90+ CRI that does well for all stages of plant development, growth and flowering • Best available components with outstanding efficiency: Bridgelux Gen7 COB LED, MeanWell HBG Driver, Ledil silicone lens • Different light patterns: 45, 70, 110 degree angle available for different mounting heights. • Ceiling rope mount. Adjustable ceiling/wall bracket for wall mount. Optional cable and dimmer allow you to connect up to 20 lights in series. Suitable for moist and wet locations. IP65 rating

2 year warranty