In 2014, about 215 million LEDs were installed in the U.S.
$1.4 Billion Annual Energy Cost Savings.

N E W   P R O D U C T S


  • Commercial grade LED lights with 5 year warranty

  • Unique LED product for custom applications

  • Own high-tech manufacturing in Asia, Europe and USA

  • 10 Years of R&D in LED Lighting

  • Use the finest components from industry leaders

  • Production of any amount from 10 to 10,000 units at a reasonable price

  • Work on custom projects offering in-depth solutions

  • Development, Production, Installation, Service – all under one roof

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Why Choose ONYX LT LED Lighting?

Reduces Energy Cost

Uses up to 90% less energy than incandescent lighting, saving on operating expenses.

Reduces Maintenance Cost

Lasts 100 times longer than incandescent lighting and about 10 times longer than fluorescent lighting. No bulb-replacements, no ladders, no ongoing disposal program.

Universal Application

LED lamps do not require special wiring. LED lamps perfectly replace any other types of lamps from small to high-bay. For new installations – additional savings on wiring and mounting due to smaller size and weight.

Designed To Fit Specific Needs

 Design and production small to high batch order custom lights with specific parameters. Different sizes and shapes, Wattages and color, light angles and mounting options.


Up to 100,000 hours or 35 years of light based on 8 hours per day usage

Long Term Warranty

Comes with a 5 year warranty. Additional 10 year warranty program available.

Request Individual Project

See How ONYX LT LED Lighting Helped in Different Areas.

Application - Warehouse Complex on James Way

Custom Application of Individually Designed Lamps

The Warehouse complex on James Way was already equiped with LED lights at the time it was rented. The reason for contacting ONYX LT was due to low brightness on the lower shelves of tall storage systems.
ONYX LT specialists have developed and produced LED lights with specially-calculated lumination pattern.

Result – uniform illumination of all shelves and aisles and at the same time reduction of the number of lamps by 4 times! The total capacity of the lighting system is reduced by 6 times through the use of more energy-efficient LEDs with optimal characteristics for this particular project.

Application - Golf Course in Nashville

Corporate Street Lighting

A Golf course in Nashville increased revenues by extending opening hours in the evening by one and a half times thanks to the bright illumination of the field.
Landscape lighting has always been a difficult task. To ensure a soft, uniform illumination with minimal light sources require special fixtures. Company ONYX Light Technologies cooperates with leading manufacturers of super-bright LEDs and optics.
The luminaires series implements a number of features to ensure a bright and uniform illumination over a wide area.

Application - Farm Products Store In Saint-Petersburg

Custom Lighting for Unique Locations

There are many specific conditions for illumination. For example, refrigerated cabinets with meat products require specific lighting.
For a lamp to operate at reduced temperatures a number of requirements are imposed. All components, especially the power supply, must be chosen with an extended operating temperature range.
For more appealing perception of meat products in the spectrum of the lamp there should be more pink and red shades. This requires a set of specific LED modules with varying color temperatures, which together provide rich and natural colors.

Application - Clousing Store on Market Street

Focused Light

Well illuminated retail area allows you to attract more buyers. Especially random shoppers.
To create a light accent there is a need for bright and focused light fixtures. ONYX LT offers a series of specially designed lamps Viiva™ Series with a narrow lumination pattern. These lights will create bright light accent even when installed at a great distance. And of course, like all other ONYX LT products, these lamps have a low energy-consumption and high-quality light.

Application - Workplace for Welding machine Inc

High-Quality Light for Industrial Facilities

Welding machine Inc increased the efficiency and quality of work due to better illumination of the workspace.
Fluorescent lamps have a relatively good performance. But unfortunately fluorescent lighting technology involves pulsating light. Every second fluorescent lamp is turned on and off 200 times. The eye can not see the fluctuation but these pulsations have a negative effect on the body. Also, the color rendering index of the fluorescent lamps is between 60-70 (the sun has 100) which provides poor color spectrum. These charactaristics are bad especially if the person is in the room with fluorescent lights for a long time.
Industrial fixtures by Onyx LT do not have pulsating light and the color rendering index is between 80 and 90. These parameters provide a comfortable workstation lighting.
Compared to MH lamps, that lose have of its brightness in a year, LED lamps have the same brightness for decades.

Application - Retail Lemonty with Clothing Store

High Color Rendering Index

Retail chain Lemonty increased their sales by 15% after installing Pro-Q4 Series lighting by ONYX LT.
High-quality color is always important, but it is especially important in grocery and clothing stores. The most common fluorescent lamps have a low color rendering index. A mercury high bay lights at high brightness do not have some of the colors in the spectrum. As a result food and other products lit by such lamps look bleak and unattractive.
For stores and shops ONYX LT developed Pro-Q4 Series light fixtures with high color rendering index (CRI) 95. With these lamps products look natural and “juicy”.

Application - Private House in Pennsylvania

Landscape Lighting

Pro-I Series luminaires specifically designed for public lighting of buildings and surrounding areas. The use of standard lamps can not always achieve the desired result. Often, more than half of the light emitted by the lamp illuminates the neighbors or the sky. The desired objects are illuminated unevenly, (ie bright spot in the middle, and everything around is in the shade).
The Pro-I series uses a miniature but powerful and energy efficient LEDs and special optics, which allow you to send all of the light in the right place.
Jackson family said that the use of ONYX LT lamps decreased power consumption for lighting by six times! And at the same time their territory looks much brighter.

Application - Office Space in Downtown

Office Lighting

The latest development by ONYX LT – Office Lux lighting series opens up new horizons in the field of energy efficiency.
Office lights often work from eight in the morning until eight at night. And sometimes all night. On average, if an office area of 30,000sqf will reduce lamp power by 2x , it will save $10,000/year!
ONYX LT Office Lux lighting series can reduce energy consumption by 3 times!
High performance light (no flicker, good color rendering index, high brightness and uniformity of the luminous flux).
Easy installation into standard Armstrong ceiling or suspension on any ceiling.

Application - Private House in Atlantic City

Professional Lighting for Home

Why put up with the poor quality of household light bulbs when you can use professional LED lighting. ONYX LT fixtures with variety of power and wide range of sizes allow you to choose the appropriate options, not only for commercial buildings, but also for home lighting. Lamps from ONYX LT will simultaneously reduce energy consumption and increase the durability and quality of light.
All the Advantages of professional lighting fixtures available for domestic use. Carefully selected LED chips, aluminum boards, heat sinks, reliable power supplies, intelligent design.

What People Say About ONYX LT?

It’s really works for me. I saved over $1000 in maintenance and energy costs, when I changed my old fluorescent light bulb in the office in Newtown.
Michael, iTech Consulting Group
Perfect design requires perfect lighting. ONYX lamps helped us illuminate our products and display rooms as art. Every visitor to our showroom is stunned by the beauty of the space and our designs.
Marissa, ArtPeople
Stunning brightness and color saturation! My shop can be enjoyed!
John , Randa Accessories
Great start for me to reduce the energy and maintenance costs. A big hug to ONYX’s amazing team! Thanks!
Lucas, Luxottica
Save Energy Costs By 90%